Since November 4th, so much has happened. My laparoscopy and hysteroscopy is over and done. One week post op, it still hurts. The operation itself I don’t remember. Post-op, a sore lower abdomen and throat are all that reminds me of the dreaded operation.

I had my stitches removed on Tuesday, the nurse was very gentle, thank goodness for that.

The session with my Dr. after, very stressful. We go on holiday and immediately on return, we start IVF.

The cost is astronomical and the amount of drugs I’ll have to take in order to support this process is crazy. Daily injections, ¬†hormones, supplements etc. On the plus side I am ¬†grateful that we can afford this. Adding to my stress, other than this constant, dull pain, is my work situation. My new business will be growing at the same time the babies are (hopefully) are and I need to keep as stress-free as possible. Will need to implement a stress-free lifestyle, starting now.

My partner has been so amazing through this whole process. I cannot thank him enough for being the rock we both need right now. Our families are not aware of what we are going through and very few friends. It’s been a lonely road.

Irrespective, we will travel until we have made the destination. We want twins and are confident that this time next year, we will be celebrating Christmas very differently, with a newly formed family, and the journey would have been worth it.

New Mom Diaries: Day 262