Things to avoid

After buying a pregnancy book, and reading up on … various search engines, some items thought safe to consume, are turning out not to be.

  • Quinine
  • Vitamin A – the bad kind
  • Alcohol – we know this
  • Coffee in excess – “they” say up to two cups is okay, but I’ve read coffee contributes to miscarriages, so I’ve cut down
  • Ibuprofen
  • Allergex
  • Stress – this one is a major, major no-no!

For headaches, take Paracetamol, if uncertain, ask a pharmacist.

Nifty devices discovered:

  1. Digital fertility test
    1. 7 in a pack.
    2. Get them at a Pharmacy or a Clicks
  2. Digital pregnancy test
    1. Get them at a Pharmacy or a Clicks

New Mom Diaries. Day 69