Ovulation tests

It’s all Greek to me. Cycles, ovulation, fertility etc. My best time was being on the Merina. Not only were my hormones regulated, but I had no period, monsoon, lady in the red dress visiting me monthly.

It was bliss.

Until it started messing with my hormones and I had to have it removed.

Today I took my first ovulation test to check my fertility levels. I need more marination time. There were 7 in this pack, so I am good for another 6 days of testing. When the smiley face appears, it will be “go-for-green” i.e. “baby-making-time”.

I must confess, the process to date has been tons of fun. I need to, after all, get as much shag time in, as either of us can manage right now. For tonight, we need to conserve, since it may be “business-time” this time tomorrow. Wish me luck.

New Mom Diaries. Day 30