On circumsicions

This morning started bright and early. Our little one had no idea what was coming. Today was his circumcision day. We made our way to the Surgeons office by 9am, however he was running late. We waited outside his rooms with another couple who had their son one day before ours. Our doctor eventually arrived sporting shorts and a t-shirt and let us in and proceeded to explain the procedure.

The explanation took about 10 mins and we were up. They ask for two nappies and wet wipes, undress my little one, who dislikes being naked and cold, and the surgeon then proceeds to clean the area. A local aesthetic is administered into his scrotum (I started watching but then could not for fear of bursting into tears) and boy did he scream. “It burns a lot, then he will settle down” the doctor assured us, but alas he did not. He screamed during the entire procedure, sucking hard on my finger while i stroked his hair.

The procedure does not last long, but it is traumatic for both the patents and the little one. We then dressed him, an had to wait in the waiting area while the next little one had his turn. My poor son, crying away and my heart breaking.

“Side note: One thing I have to say is that having seen how surgeons do the procedure and knowing there are cultures and religions out there that do these circumcisions in unsterile environments and without the proper equipment makes me I’ll. I’ve attended one of them and I will never attend another, ever.”

Post care involves putting ointment on the head of the penis once a day, putting Vaseline where his penis would touch the nappy and watching the healing. He spent a lot of today sleeping, I hope he has a good nights rest.