October …. oh October ….

October 25, up at 5.30am to be at the doctors office at 6.30am for a scan. The doctors rooms are packed at this time, which is surprising to me. Luckily I manage to see my doctor quickly and he instructs when the next examination will be, which is post coital.


October 29, post coital test to be done at 7am. This means the “deed” needs to happen at 5am (since it needs 30 mins of marination time). What a great way to start the Monday. A shag at 5am, followed by a doctors visit.

The news is not good.

Coupled with my unfriendly environment to my partners sperm, (he also has a low count) the results are ……. the poor guys were not doing well when we inspected via the microscope.

My misplaced endometrium is partly to blame and I am scheduled for a Laparoscopy and hysterscopy in two weeks time. I am petrified.

Not a fan of hospitals and not only do I have to have surgery done to my uterus and my “lady-things” but its going to cost R17,000 excluding medication.

Ladies, make sure your medical aid is a comprehensive one. My hospital is out of network and therefore a co-hospital-payment is due.

Sigh. Next up, medical bills no one tells you about.

New Mom Diaries: Day 232