Kicking-off 2013

I’ve not been able to write, I’ve not wanted to over the festive season since I was away on holiday and didn’t really want to think about it. My partner and I got sick on holiday, so on 5 Jan 2013, when IVF treatment started, we were tired, sick and very unhappy.

It lasted for more than two weeks, because we headed straight back to work on return from holiday.

IVF treatment day 1 – 5 Jan 2013

This involved a trip to the doctors office. My doctor was on leave and I had to see another one, which was not bad, but I felt terrible. My first injection was given by the nurse, directly into my tummy. Ouch!

Lucrin makes you feel:

  • terribly tired
  • lethargic and ….
  • teary

Something to note.

My partner is amazing. He wakes early, prepares everything and administers the shot. Followed by a kiss. It’s sweet.

After two weeks of Lucrin, I am on a course of Gonal plus Pergoveris plus Lucrin. This little cocktail is 75U and 15U, directly into the tummy, each morning. This injection is a bit more painful as it is a larger dosage. Expect headaches, weird dreams, and I’ve lost my appetite, although snacks still appeal.

The main thing to note is that you’re growing a farm of eggs, which of course, already makes you look pregnant, make friends with the bloat, it’s better :).

What I can say I’ve experienced, is if you’re not a heavy water drinker, start now. Water is very important to prevent bladder infections and constipation, yes, I said it, it happens, you’ve been warned.

Since I was sick, and it was early in the IVF cycle, I was allowed to go onto an antibiotic, before the Gonal started, but this caused cystitis and thrush. What a yuk week that was. So, all in all, the first three weeks of this year has been sickly, hormonal, exhausting and emotional. I am feeling much better though since my second antibiotic.

No one tells you the finer details of IVF. The psychological aspects, of going into an unknown process and unknown feelings and trying to keep calm when your body is doing all sorts of unexpected things. I am worried about the eggs and am not doing much exercise yet. Perhaps after implantation, and official confirmation of the pregnancy, I’ll start walking and going to yoga again, I miss it very much.

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