First test, scary …..

Today marks our first test. This week, my partner and I had a fight over something completely stupid and we know its because were scared about facing today. Anyway, we were up at the crack of dawn, and out of the door by 6.50am. There are always people ahead of us.

It’s a busy day all around. We head I’m for the blood test and then to the sisters station to wait for the results. It is the most nerve-wrecking 30 mins of ones life. We get called into the consulting room and wait anxiously for the nurse to arrive. She arrives and says the following:

“We have a positive, but it is very faint and we need to check the levels, just to be sure!”.

She proceeds to call our doctor who doesn’t seem too worried at the news. We feel like we are in limbo. We need to call back at midday …. and I need to head back to work, so the waiting game begins.

At around 12.30 I call, but can’t get through, I try again at 1pm and finally get hold of the nurse. She sounds happier than before. My HCG levels are high at 191 and progesterone at 120. I need to come back on Monday to test these levels again. We have a positive result, but not convinced and will wait until Monday. Lets see how that goes. Everyday we get a little closer.