Devastated at having to give formula

I am (or was) an EBF mom, an Exclusively Breast Feeding mom. However, over the past three weeks, I’ve gone back to work almost full-time and expressing bottles and bottles for the day was leaving me drained and strained.

I managed to supply two weeks of breast milk for baby, but when an out-of-town trip presented itself, I would be leaving at 4am and returning at 7pm and another 6-8 bottles could not be expressed in time.

On the 7th March, my baby boy was given formula for the first time and I was devastated. Partly because I wanted my 6 month stint to be”pure” but mainly because formula has cows milk in it and I was unsure of how baby would react.

He was …. f.i.n.e.

In fact, he slept a little longer that night. I realise that sometimes it’s not always going to be realistic to leave 6-8 bottles of expressed milk for baby, and have now come to terms with it. Formula fed babies are just as healthy as breast-fed babies, and as long as my primary source is “boob“, I feel okay about it. 

Working moms have it hard, having to express milk in office toilets as most offices do not have a baby room or not at all, due to no breaks. We have to deal with engorged, leaking boobs and the stress of ensuring that the baby is fed sufficiently. A moms duty is endless although rewarding.

I wish the facilities in offices, shopping malls and petro-stations (road trips) were better geared for us, but I guess for now, I’ll have to express when there is a break and if there’s not enough, fall back on formula.

Nan has a great “ready-mixed” 200ml box which is perfect when leaving baby with a care giver. Why this is better as a Nan tin has to be used within 3 weeks and if you are breast feeding and topping up with formula, it is more economical to buy the 200ml ready-made boxes as backup.

New Mom Diaries. Day …….. to be calculated when a free moment arises (#insert uncertain date here :)).