Day 206

Today I visited the Fertility Clinic and luckily my partner could join me. The Dr. was nice and explained things in detail, which I liked.

I though I may have PCOS (Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome), but after a scan, I may in fact have Type II Diabetes and Endometriosis.

Then again, I may not.


I’ve been put on a course of med’s and need to go back for a follow up visit. No one tells you how aweful this experience is. No one shares their feelings of insecurity and disappointment (mine in not being able to give my partner the gift of baby, yet!)


Today I feel sad, depressed, angry at my parents’ for their shitty genes and helpless. I won’t stay in this mode for long, but it feels overwhelming at present. So tonight, I decided, fuck it! I will have the tonic (which pregnant women should steer clear of due to certain ingredients which are bad for baby), and GIN will be present.

New Mom Diaries: Day 206