And final stages begin …

This morning I had the scan to determine when the trigger injection will be. 6 follicles on one ovary and 8 on the other, which means tomorrow ….. it starts. The process involved is:

– taking the final set of Lucrin, Gonal F and Perguveris in the morning
– taking the trigger injection at 9pm exactly.

On Wednesday, the procedure of retrieval of eggs and collection of sperm takes place. It’s a procedure for which I am admitted into hospital.

I’m anxious and scared.

Another two and a half weeks of a new batch of uterus preparing injections start on Wednesday evening.

In the next two and a half weeks time my life, our lives will change forever.

The nurse explaining the procedure advised me to call the lab and check on the “babies” for an update, embryo transfer happens on 4 February. Eek. It’s all getting so real, it’s surreal.

New Mom Diaries: Day 321